Motivations and Interests

What have I created?

I have created this website, and my other websites such as, and my content such as my YouTube Channel, SoundCloud Audio, etc. You can find all of the links and information about all of the things that I have created, by looking through all of this main website.

Why have I created all of this?

  1. Collaborations: People can contact me who are interested in collaborating with me via the internet from home, in creating more content, for example to make: writing (one sentence each in a chatroom or shared text notepad), art (drawing together on a shared whiteboard), music, anything we can collaborate on making, that I can then put onto one of my websites, along with our full names
  2. Friends: New friends can contact me for friendship to chat, email, and talk on the phone for increasing our general life success
  3. Health: For everyone I interact with, including me and my two brothers, sister, mum, friends, co-workers, etc, to have improved mental+physical health, and longevity (living for a long time). I don't want to be 'big'.
  4. Innovation: People can see and use my innovative ideas, and I can think up more innovative ideas
  5. Mensa: To get accepted into mensa when they see how intelligent I am to have created all of this
  6. Money: Having more money available, so that I can use it for doing more activities, joining organizations, and hiring skilled freelancers to complete tasks for example to provide feedback on my activities for possible improvement
  7. PhD: For the universities to see what I have created and for them to then want me to be successful in offering me a place to complete a PhD, and to be able to attend any worldwide research events from home via the internet
  8. Productive: Something productive for me to put some of my time into it
  9. Success: Greater life success in getting the things I would like out of life and from other people, for me and anyone I interact with
  10. Useful, Informative, Motivating, Inspiring, Persuasive, Entertaining: A sense of achievement in successfully completing activities that could be useful to society and people, which could be for the progress and improvement of society, or for the entertainment of people
  11. Work - Paid and Volunteer: Employers could see it and contact me to offer me employee casual paid and/or volunteer work, working from home.


I am a Genius Generalist that has a disability

No reposting whether online or offline

Do not repost any of the content on this website anywhere else, whether online or offline.