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You might also be interested in downloading the whole-website zip from the home page of this website, if you are a computer programmer, so that you can see the computer code that I used to generate this page, since it is generated from a links text file with various control keywords and data, you can understand it by looking at the file that is already there. If you want to view the raw data used to generate this page it is here. I am hoping that other web designers might see my idea and post source downloads of their websites on their websites like I have, as a downloadable single compressed zip file.

Links in various categories

    Content created by Jevan - Music

  1. Amazon Music music album 'Jevan 2012'
  2. Deezer music album 'Jevan 2012'
  3. Ninbot recordings of improvisational jamming with me on electronic piano and/or singing and with musicians online located anywhere in the world created live (in realtime) from home using the internet. Under 'Latest Tracks' type in 'jevan' (without quotes) and click the 'Search' button then scroll down to the bottom and click on 'Load More Tracks'. I used the free JamTaba software to participate in the online musician jams and the paid Reaper Software to mix the recordings of each musician's tracks after each jam
  4. SoundCloud - My profile for Audio Hosting such as music or podcasts

    Content created by Jevan - Social Media

  5. YouTube - My channel
  6. YouTube - My playlist

    Job Searching

  7. Hays Recruitment
  8. My job seeker profile on
  9. Workways Australia


  10. Artists Society of Canberra Home page
  11. YouTube video of Canberra - Icarus - Jevan Pipitone - (Hobbyist) - (Multidisciplinary Artist)


  12. Donors - Inner North Community Foundation which mentions the name 'Jevan Pipitone' for 2014-2015
  13. educationdocbox University of Canberra Annual Report 2013 which mentions the name 'Jevan Pipitone' as a donor
  14. oouagoiwoye MIT OpenCourseWare - Individual Supporter which mentions the name 'Jevan Pipitone' as a donor
  15. Parliament ACT - University of Canberra Annual Report 2019 Volume 1 which mentions the name 'Jevan Pipitone' as a donor


    google search: engineering ideas 2021
  16. 8 Trends in Architecture and Engineering for 2021
  17. Engineers Australia - Conferences and Major Events
  18. IDEA 2021: Innovative Development in Engineering Applications


  19. DownToMeet - My profile for online events around the world
  20. EventBrite Australia - Things to do
  21. MeetUp - My profile for online events around the world


    google search: fashion trends
  22. 5 Fashion Trends We're Predicting Will Dominate Our 2021 Wardrobes - From dramatic sleeves to oversized shirting
  23. Summer fashion trends to try in 2021 google search: fashion trends male
  24. Hold on to your linen: What men will be wearing next summer
  25. Men’s summer fashion trends
  26. New season is here | Men's Fashion

    Freelancer Hiring

  27. Fiverr - My profile for me to hire freelancers


  28. Dating4Disabled - My blog
  29. DisabledBuddies - My Profile
  30. SpecialBridge - My Profile - you need to be a member to view it

    Learning and University

  31. Australian National University
  32. University of Canberra
  33. People of HCT - University of Canberra - mentions the name 'Jevan Pipitone' as a past paid staff member
  34. Coursera - My learning profile there showing achievements of competed courses
  35. FutureLearn - My learning profile there showing achievements of completed courses
  36. PluralSight - My learning profile there


  37. Spotify - Internet Radio and Music to listen to
  38. SingSnap Karaoke (singing)


  39. Transport Canberra - These are the buses and light rail that I catch

    Project Management

  40. Project Management World MeetUp
  41. Services of Project Management World


  42. Final Circular: Complex Systems '92 - Me as co-author of a research paper
  43. Google Books - Complex Systems: From Biology to Computation - Me as co-author of a research paper
  44. ORCiD - My researcher ORCiD profile


    google search: science ideas 2021
  45. 8 Data Science Project Ideas from Kaggle in 2021
  46. Festival of Ideas 2021
  47. Science Conferences

    Social Media

  48. Dextra - My profile
  49. Facebook - My profile
  50. Instagram - My profile
  51. LinkedIn - My profile
  52. TikTok - My profile
  53. Tumblr - My profile
  54. Twitch - My profile
  55. Twitter - My profile
  56. Vimeo - My profile


  57. 28699 NMA Annual Report 2003 CV - CiteSeerX - the National Museum of Australia 2003 Annual Report which mentions the name 'Jevan Pipitone' as a past volunteer
  58. GoldenKey UC Chapter Information - I am a Golden Key Member (An elite group of high achievers)
  59. National Museum of Australia 2002-2003 Annual Report Appendix 11 which mentions the name 'Jevan Pipitone' as a past volunteer
  60. ProgClub Programmer's Club Comms (Communications) bonus - computer programming volunteer work that I completed



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