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I have a disability. I am interested to interact online via the internet using my desktop PC, and using my mobile, with people that have any disability, physical or mental, that live in Australia. There are a lot of possibilities for interactions whether friends, business, hobbyist, working for you, hiring you as a freelancer, chat, singing, making live music together online, improvisational acting, attending online interactive events, WhatsApp text/voice/video messages on the mobile, etc. The problem seems to be there are no disability communities in mobile apps and browser websites that are for people in Australia. I am still interested in non-disability communities and activities, but I also want to be able to do things in online browser (or desktop pc software) and mobile phone app disability communities. Another example is if I met a disabled Australia friend online in a mobile app or desktop pc website (of which these do not exist), I could then add them to my mobile contacts for WhatsApp chat, which is not specifically non-disability or disability oriented, it can be anyone I decide to add as a friend.

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  1. Problems with getting my content removed from other people's websites


I am a Genius Generalist that has a disability

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