Here are some of my ideas.

  1. (2021apr7) QR Code Plus, squares of encoded information like regular QR Codes, but they differ mathematically in the design, in that, they are the same contents if viewed when rotated 90/ 180/ 270/ 360 degrees, so that the person scanning the code with their mobile, can be located at any side of a square table that the QR Code Sheet is on the table, when they scan it, and it will still be able to be scanned. For example, if the QR Code Plus is a circle (not a square), and it is radially symmetrical, or alternatively spherically symmetrical, then a mobile phone will be able to scan the QR Code without having to rotate the mobile phone, wherever the person is standing around the table that the QR code is on. This is especially useful with all of the QR code scanning that people have to regularly do at the moment, with your mobile phone, whenever you have to check in when visiting a cafe, for covid tracking purposes.
  2. (2021mar26) OpenOffice Writer (any word processor) to have sheets, which are multiple documents within the same document, accessed via optionally named tabs at the bottom of the window, like we have sheets in OpenOffice Calc (any spreadsheet) now.
  3. (2021mar25) Cafes to have a sitting fee, where I can sit at the cafe at a table and get from them a bottle of tap water and a glass, to have as much as I like.
  4. (2021feb23) Someone to create a website for "comparison of actions and issues" such as the environment, of different countries.
  5. (2021feb23) Someone to create a webpage for "submitting and viewing of ideas" from anyone (the public) to governments and politicians of all countries, which can be viewed by country or by category of idea.
  6. (2021jan10) Websites for online via the internet, downloadable digital craft making.
  7. (2021jan10) Websites for Multimedia and interactive downloadable website and website components making.
  8. (2020nov19) An RFID ID card that can be used to tap at any cafe or restaurant etc which when tapped transfers your identification and contact details to the venue, for COVID contact tracing, letting the venue know your fullname and contact details along with the current date and time, without you having to carry a mobile phone. In fact maybe even newer or renewed debit or credit mastercard/visa cards that already have RFID, could contain the identification and contact details to transfer to the EFT machine for covid contact tracing, when you pay via the EFT terminal, without having to have a separate RFID card just for identification.


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