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Name: Jevan Pipitone.

Location: I live in Canberra, Australia.

Gender, age, and avoiding jobs that involve doing work for clients/ customers that are vulnerable people: Most of the people I interact with are female. I am age 48. Everyone I interact with are adults age 18 or above in the workplace, and all friends are preferably age 30 or above. I do not have a working with vulnerable people card so I cannot work with clients/ customers that are disabled, seniors, or children.

Reasons for contacting me: Some reasons you might contact me include friendship, collaborations, paid or volunteer work for me to do, professional development, hobbies, and for any questions about how I created the online/internet content that I have made. I am interested to find more productive things to do with my time.

"Disability-only" or "anyone", paid or free, Online (Internet) Communities/ groups/ websites and Online (Internet) One-On-One Interactions, work or hobbies or friendship or learning or professional development or clubs: It is important for me to be a member of online (internet) communities such as online websites and organizations, and having friendships online to chat with people, and mobile phone chats and apps interactions, and internet social media methods including twitter follows and twitter lists and facebook groups, and online activities such as communication clubs rostrum/ toastmasters/ etc and online computer clubs, that are either, specific only for people with a disability (that includes me), or that are general for anyone, doing BOTH is necessary for me.

Me publicly promoting some (or many) people that have a disability: It is essential for me to promote publicly people with disabilities, on internet social media or anywhere that is used and viewable by anyone, in ways that they agree with, for example in my public social media profiles, so that it publicly helps them, for example, when I follow someone with a disability or add them to a twitter list, that is publicly viewable by anyone, that anyone can view without logging in. People with any disability is fine for this, physical or mental. People with varying skills is also good, for example, not just all only computer programmers.

Generalist Genius: I am a Genius Generalist that has a disability.

Work Location and duration: Most of my work and activities are done preferably from home, using the internet and a computer, the source of the activities can be anywhere in the world, but most often is from somewhere in Australia. Each activity is usually a small number of hours such as up to 3 hours in one go on any one day. I can also work at a workplace in Canberra Australia within Bus Travel Distance of the Belconnen Area.

Interaction Methods: Preferably online only, via the internet, using email, phone, sms and mms, mobile apps such as WhatsApp, video chat, facebook messenger chat, etc, any methods that I can do using my computer at home or mobile phone.

My keywords: Computing Researcher, Innovation, Management.

Computing interests: My computing interests are Website Creating, Doing, Improvising, Analysing for Improvement: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Open Source, PHP, Programming Computers, User Experience, Web Design and Editing.

Other Interests: My interests are making, collaborating, and managing people to make (if within my capability): Acting Improvisations, Animation 2D and 3D, Audio (including Live Online Streaming, Making Recordings, and my SoundCloud account), Business & Startups, Chat, Coffee Shops visiting, Collaborations, Comedy (improvisation), Creative Writing & Poetry, Creativity, Dancing (Attending online classes or events from home via video such as Nightclub or Ballroom or Contemporary, and member of Disco Group Canberra), Debating, Decisions, Digital Art (I have a graphics tablet and ArtRage + Rebelle 3 Art Software), Discussion of Topics, Electronic Music Composition/Creation, Engineering Management, Entrepreneurs, Friends, Graphic Design, Ideas, Information Analysis, Innovation, Information Technology, Jazz Piano and Keyboard (improvising, covers, original compositions), Jazz Singing Male Baritone & Choir & Karaoke, Leadership, Management, Mathematics, Meetings, Mobile Technology, Music Improvisation Jams, Networking with people, New Technology, Online events attending for example through and, PC Support, Phone Talk, Photography digital, Physics (theoretical), Podcasts, Public Speaking, Reading online science magazines and emails and email newsletters, Research (thinking of new ideas, writing papers), Science, Self-Improvement, Socializing, Strategy, Video (including Live Online Streaming, Making Recordings, and my YouTube channel).

History limited to the last one year: Often, I keep all types of content that I make or contribute to, at home and on the internet, online or offline, any history, for the last one year only.

Cost to me: For our interactions, collaborations, hobbies, volunteer work, etc to turn out successful, it may be necessary for there to be a financial cost to me in order for you or your organization to make it work, so let me know what you suggest.

Strategy: I am interested in learning about strategies, web page URLs, and companies that I can donate some money or time or purchase an annual service or annual subscription or product, in order to gain something useful from them. This can include the experience of having worked for them as a volunteer for something to do and for the fun of volunteering. The difficulty is to find out which webpages/services/products to put money into, such as by purchasing a service, product, making a donation, or volunteering time, in order to get some kind of benefit, such as, attracting jazz musicians to make music with, attracting digital artists to collaborate on art projects, and finding people that I can help with their computer programming and research+innovation and business projects. One of the things to ask myself or them is what is something that the people I want to work with, that if I have that then I will attract them to do some tasks/get to work with them, what kind of things are they interested in that if I have that then they will want to spend time with me.

Contact Telephone: (02) 6152 8010 (or +61 2 6152 8010)

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I am a Genius Generalist that has a disability

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